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Educators play an incredibly critical (but often thankless) role in our community. Whether we’re talking about our teachers or the staff members who keep schools running logistically, they frequently face significant obstacles and feel isolated in their struggles. 

At Campus Clinic, we’re committed to providing preventative healthcare access to school campuses – but that extends beyond supporting students’ physical and mental health. Our organization also prioritizes educator wellness by connecting them with a range of impactful digital resources. 

Most recently, we’ve opened access to a new educator platform called “Healthy Campus Journey.” This innovative service was designed with school staff in mind, operating on a membership model per staff member. 

Keep reading to learn about Healthy Campus and what it can do for your school district and the wellness of your educators – but first, we want to dive a bit deeper into why Campus Clinic now provides access to this program.

The Current State of Educator Well-Being 

It’s no secret that most school administrators, teachers, and staff are facing unparalleled pressures and stress. In a 2022 survey by the National Education Association, over half of educators (55%) said that they were thinking about leaving the profession.

Many of these educators cite pandemic-related difficulties as one of their stumbling blocks. Others lament the lack of resources and support from their districts. 

As a result, many schools around the country are pouring money and energy into improving their staff retention rates. One of the most obvious ways to do this is to provide additional support to teachers and administrators – especially in the form of mental health and wellness resources. 

The Need for Improved Support 

Campus Clinic and Healthy Campus share the belief that prioritizing the well-being of educators is crucial. By fostering an understanding of their wellness needs, we aim to reduce burnout rates, minimize teacher turnover, and cultivate a healthier campus environment

Reducing today’s high school staff turnover rates doesn’t just save resources – it also fosters continuity and stability within schools, benefiting everyone on campus. When students experience fewer disruptions in their education, their mental health and learning capabilities benefit immensely. 

Ultimately, investing in staff wellness results in less stressful jobs, enabling educators to focus on their passion for teaching and creating positive impacts in students’ lives. 

Our organization recognizes the immense importance of staff well-being. That’s why Healthy Campus strives to connect educators and staff with resources to help them thrive, personally and professionally, within the educational community.

Why We Provide the Healthy Campus Journey Platform 

According to research from McKinsey, an “inability to protect their well-being” is one of the top motivators driving teachers from their jobs. Therefore, it stands to reason that prioritizing educator wellness should be one of the biggest priorities for all school districts. 

We believe that healthcare should be accessible, convenient, and affordable – and that includes mental health support for adults as well as children. By opening access to the Healthy Campus Journey program, Campus Clinic strives to connect educators with…

  • Personalized video content 
  • Live & asynchronous classes 
  • On-demand resources

We are also proud to connect school districts with a program that’s confidential and judgment-free. Educators can feel safe walking through a private wellness journey – one that helps them steer clear of burnout and feel supported as they face daily challenges. 

Membership Benefits 

Healthy Campus is offered through a membership model. School districts pay per staff member for year-long access to all of its resources, including…

  • Anxiety and depression screenings
  • Workplace surveys
  • Online lifestyle coaching
  • Career guidance
  • Wellness aids

These resources come in both video and written formats, and all can be accessed privately at members’ discretion. The objective is to make mental health resources more accessible and feasible for educators than ever before (in a membership model that school districts can financially sustain). 

Learn More About Enrollment Today  

The Healthy Campus Journey platform is set to play a pivotal role in facilitating school districts to cultivate a more successful, supportive environment for educators. By providing access to a range of resources and tools, the platform enables schools to prioritize the needs of their teachers, staff members, and administrators. 

At Healthy Campus, our mission is centered on revolutionizing healthcare within school communities – and in many cases, that starts with protecting educator wellness. 

We invite educators, administrators, and staff to explore the Healthy Campus Journey platform and discover the transformative impact it can have within their own school districts. Together, let’s prioritize wellness and create thriving educational communities.

To learn more about the Healthy Campus Journey platform, get in touch with our team today. We’re ready to discuss your school’s needs and determine how our resources can best benefit your educators. 

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