Campus Clinic Partners With Chula Vista Elementary School District to Provide Essential Pre-Employment Physicals

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IRVINE, CALIFORNIA – (AUGUST, 2023) – Campus Clinic, an award-winning preventative healthcare platform for school campuses, is pleased to announce that it will be assisting with Chula Vista Elementary School District’s healthcare model transition. 

Campus Clinic works with school districts to build integrated, program-driven, on-campus solutions that prioritize student and faculty wellness – physically, emotionally, and mentally. This is met through partnerships with school districts, principals, physicians, nurses, nurse practitioners and physician assistants.

Beginning in July of 2023, Campus Clinic (along with Campus Physicians of California) has been partnering with the Chula Vista school district to offer pre-employment physicals and healthcare onboarding services. 

Any Chula Vista school employee – teachers, classified staff, administrators, and other staff members – will have access to physicals and screenings during their onboarding process. 

This healthcare partnership will allow CVESD to provide a new level of care to employees and volunteers. These convenient pre-employment physicals, or “Human Performance Evaluations,” may include… 

  • Vitals 
  • Drug tests
  • Medical history assessments
  • Full-body physicals (including heart and lung)


“In our school district, we want to ensure employees always have access to the mental and physical healthcare they need,” said Jason Romero, Chula Vista ESD Assistant Superintendent. “Onboarding and screening new faculty members is a big part of that, and we’re thrilled that Campus Clinic is helping us tackle the process more efficiently.”

Campus Clinic is proud to help school districts like Chula Vista eliminate roadblocks to both faculty and student healthcare. By providing access to easier onboarding and health checks, Campus Clinic is helping districts streamline the employee onboarding service and better care for valued educators and support staff. 

“Campus Clinic is doing great things by increasing the accessibility to trusted, reputable healthcare for school faculty,” said Dr. Lee of Campus Physicians of California. “At CPCA, we’re proud to be a part of this innovative solution for school campuses.” 

To learn more about Campus Clinic, its services for schools, or how to register with them, please contact Senior VP Andrea Ramos is more than happy to address queries or respond to interview requests. 

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Campus Clinic, founded in 2022 and headquartered in Sacramento, CA, is making it easier for schools to offer high-quality, accessible healthcare to students. The company provides a wide range of primary care services to participating schools, from mental health programs to annual wellness visits and COVID-19 testing. To learn more about Campus Clinic and its services, please visit

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