Campus Clinic Receives Multiple Awards and Recognition in Q4 of 2022

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SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA – (FEBRUARY, 2023) – Campus Clinic, an award-winning preventative healthcare platform helping schools provide essential primary care solutions to school-aged children, is pleased to announce its awards and recognitions in 2022. Campus Clinic is on a mission to bring accessible healthcare to K-12 schools throughout the nation. Directly to students, on the school campus.

Campus Clinic works with school districts to build integrated, program-driven, on-campus solutions that prioritize student wellness – physically, emotionally, and mentally. This is met through partnerships with school districts, principals, physicians, nurses, nurse practitioners and physician assistants.

From outbreak prevention to top tier primary care, Campus Clinic is ensuring that students have unprecedented access to the healthcare they need, all at a low (or no) cost. When healthcare solutions become more accessible, students’ average daily attendance, success rates and usage increase dramatically – especially on school campuses. 

Over the past year, the organization has been publicly recognized for its high-quality, obstacle-free healthcare solutions.

In November, Campus Clinic was selected as the 2022-2023 School Year Honoree by the Garvey Education Foundation (GEF). This foundation centers on enhancing and strengthening academic programs and extracurricular activities in the Garvey Elementary School District (GESD) of Rosemead, CA. Each year, they pick three organizations to highlight that have made a true impact on the district. Campus Clinic was selected for their excellence as a community partner and for their dedication to ensuring GESD’s schools remained open, safe and healthy during the Covid-19 pandemic.

In 2022, Campus Clinic also received…

  • A Certificate of Recognition from the State of CA Assembly
  • A Certificate of Congressional Recognition from the U.S. House (presented by Judy Chu)
  • The 2022 IMPACT Award at The IMPACT Conference


“Our team is extremely honored by the recognition we have been shown over the last year,” said Andrea Ramos, Campus Clinic Senior Vice President. “We believe that meaningful healthcare starts with accessibility, and the more recognition we receive, the more students’ lives we’ll be able to change through our services.” 

To learn more about Campus Clinic, its services for schools, or how to register with them, please contact Senior VP Andrea Ramos is more than happy to address queries or respond to interview requests. 

About Campus Clinic

Campus Clinic, founded in 2022 and headquartered in Sacramento, CA, is making it easier for schools to offer high-quality, accessible healthcare to students. The company provides a wide range of primary care services to participating schools, from mental health programs to annual wellness visits and COVID-19 testing. To learn more about Campus Clinic and its services, please visit

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We believe on-campus healthcare must be accessible, convenient, and affordable.  We work with our school district partners to build integrated, program-driven, on-campus healthcare solutions.

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