Mar 2024

Campus Clinic - March Newsletter

Hello Campus Clinic Community,


Welcome to the March edition of our newsletter!


This month kicked off with a bit of a storm (fingers crossed you’re staying dry!) but the atmosphere here at Campus Clinic remains as bright as ever.


In this newsletter, we’re thrilled to give you a look at what’s happening behind the scenes, share some heartwarming testimonials from our patients, and give you a sneak peek into the exciting developments on the horizon for the Campus Clinic community.


Settle in, and keep on reading to learn more about what’s been happening at Campus Clinic!


Campus Clinic President Thomas Shaffer Featured on The Ed Branding Podcast


Thomas Shaffer Featured on The Ed Branding Podcast


Our very own, Campus Clinic President Thomas Shaffer, recently appeared on The Ed Branding Podcast hosted by Dr. Renae Bryant and Lynette White. The podcast focuses on the influential role of branding in the field of education. During the interview, Shaffer shared insights into his journey, starting from his roots as a marketing intern at Hershey during college, which shaped his initial marketing skills, to the successful establishment of Campus Clinic in 2020.


As the conversation progressed, Shaffer transitioned to discussing the intricate relationship between mental and physical health. He discussed the concept of community contagion, emphasizing how the mental health of school staff directly influences that of students. Shaffer highlighted the importance of prioritizing staff well-being as an investment in student care, drawing on the analogy that “when a principal gets a cold, the whole campus sneezes.” Furthermore, he explored the direct impact of mental health on physical health, illustrating with a student’s story where anxiety hindered urgent dental procedures until Campus Clinic’s Student Mental Wellness program equipped her with coping skills to overcome anxiety and proceed with the necessary treatment.


To listen to the full podcast, CLICK HERE!


Special Feature: Campus Clinic in Los Cerritos Community Newspaper


Campus Clinic in Los Cerritos Community Newspaper


Campus Clinic’s accomplishments in on-campus healthcare are making headlines! The community newspaper recently featured an article delving into how President Thomas Shaffer’s vision is reshaping on-campus health services. From practical insights on in-person and telehealth offerings to overcoming resource challenges, the piece sheds light on Campus Clinic’s unique approach. For an in-depth look at the interview and details, follow the link to the full community newspaper article:


Voices of Gratitude: Campus Clinic Patient Testimonials


At Campus Clinic, providing great patient experiences and positive treatment outcomes is at the core of our values. Continue reading to hear from real campus clinic patients about how our programs have made a positive impact on their lives and health overall.


From a participant in the Staff Resilience Program


“This program really couldn’t have come at a better time. I have seen and felt such significant improvements in my overall mental health. My coworkers and friends have noticed a difference. I can’t thank you enough for your support and teaching.”


From a partnered CPCA provider for the Student Mental Wellness Program


“Mom joined to tell me that they had “a big week” because her daughter was finally able to get her dental procedure done: a root canal and tooth extraction. The patient told her mom she was able to go through with the procedure because she practiced some of the stress management and grounding exercises that we had done together. The patient’s mom went on to say that she has seen tremendous growth in self confidence in her daughter and they are very grateful for the program”


MHSOAC Mental health services oversight and accountability commission


Campus Clinic and Feaster Charter School collaborated on the Universal Mental Health Screening for Children and Youth Project, initiated by the Mental Health Services Oversight and Accountability Commission. In a recent site visit on December 13, the collaboration showcased Feaster Charter School’s exemplary mental health screening program, addressing the unique challenges faced by students in a socio-economically disadvantaged community near the Mexico/U.S. border.


The project, aiming to provide recommendations for future budget and policy considerations, explores screening tools, best practices, response protocols, implementation costs, and program outcomes. The partnership emphasizes the proactive approach to addressing mental health needs, exemplified by Feaster Charter School’s success in reducing barriers and stigma associated with mental health. The collaboration aims to bring mental health services directly to students, contributing to transformational change in the mental health system and reducing disparities in underserved communities. For more details, read the full news release HERE.


CSNO Palm Desert


Campus Clinic in Los Cerritos Community Newspaper


We’re excited to share that Thomas Shaffer, President of Campus Clinic, was a featured speaker at the 74th Annual Conference of the California School Nurses Organization in Rancho Mirage, CA on February 9th. The annual CSNO conference serves as a crucial meeting ground for school nurses and other key stakeholders in school health, providing a platform to explore the latest developments and exchange insights on enhancing healthcare accessibility for students.


President Shaffer met with and learned from the diverse array of school healthcare professionals who were in attendance. In his keynote, Thomas discussed Campus Clinic’s ongoing efforts to revolutionize school-based healthcare, bringing direct access to healthcare providers and services in schools.


To learn more about the CSNO conference, please visit the link below!