Schools everywhere are faced with budget cuts and questions regarding sustainability.  Now there is a statewide sustainability solution for California LEAs.

LEAs Can Now Bill Insurance Plans

Activate Funding Beyond Medi-Cal

State statute (W&I Code section 5961.4) requires insurance plans to reimburse, at or above the published rates, school-linked providers, regardless of network provider status, for services furnished to students pursuant to the fee schedule. Further, services provided as part of the fee schedule shall not be subject to copayment, coinsurance, deductible, or any other form of cost sharing.

This fee for service reimbursement model creates a sustainable revenue source for schools while improving the wellbeing of students.  Implementing this program requires complex coordination between parents, students, school staff, healthcare providers, and insurance plans.  This creates a significant administrative burden.


Key Upcoming Dates

Applications, Surveys, and Plans

The CYBHI Fee Schedule launched January 2024 with Cohort 1.  Here are some important upcoming dates:

  • May 10, 2024 – LEA and COE Baseline Survey Due
  • June 2024- Cohort 2 Awards Announced
  • June 10, 2024 – COE Implementation Plans Due
  • July 2024- Cohort 2 Fee Schedule Activation
  • October 2024- Cohort 3 Fee Schedule Application (anticipated due date)*
  • January 2024- Cohort 3 Activation

*Applications require districts to demonstrate four components of operational readiness.

  • Medi-Cal enrolled
  • Service Delivery Infrastructure
  • Data and Documentation
  • Billing Infrastructure

Campus Clinic’s dedicated CYBHI enablement team can support the heavy lifting and guide you through the application process including research, writing, and submission.

Why use Campus Clinic to Operationalize the CYBHI Fee Schedule?

Complexity of Multiple Systems vs One Simple Solution.

Option One - LEAs buy or build various fragmented software systems, increasing the administrative complexity of their program and driving up costs.


Option Two - The Healthy Campus Operations and Revenue Suite unifies software into one cohesive platform, streamlining the process of operationalizing the CYBHI Fee Schedule.

Streamline Success

Transform Operations & Maximize Revenue with ORS

The ORS is a one-of-a-kind solution that supports service delivery infrastructure, data analytics, documentation requirements, patient consent, and billing infrastructure.

Campus Clinic’s customized Operations & Revenue Suite (ORS) is a software as a service (SaaS) platform that empowers you to become “operationally ready”, a required component in activating the CYBHI Fee Schedule.

Resources and Scheduling

  • This enterprise resource planning software (ERP) puts district employees, district-contracted providers, and behavioral health resources in one centralized hub.
  • Integrates providers and provider groups in one place, allowing scheduling based on availability of resources per specialization, location, or delivery method (telehealth vs in-person).
  • Closes the loop on care coordination by confirming the hand off and service delivery.
  • Points to supplementary resources such as Soluna and Bright Life Kids.

Charting and AI-Enabled Revenue Cycle Management

  • Allows for efficient charting including assignment of CPT and ICD codes.
  • Automates the production and submission of insurance claims.
  • Automates denial management and appeals.
  • Allows a third party or district to manage claims submission, appeals, and disbursement of funds. 

Data Analytics and Reporting

  • Integrates with existing student information systems, and electronic
    medical records.
  • Gives insights into regulations and policies impacting the administration of the program and the handling of data.
  • Dashboard and reporting capabilities provide actionable insights on:
    • Availability and administration of services and resources
    • Accountability of third-party providers
    • Collection of revenues

Patient or Guardian Portal

  • Secures requisite consent forms
  • Provides students, staff, and families with HIPAA compliant access to medical records
  • Manages the complexity of minor-consent vs guardian consent

Platform Demo Videos




Watch Our Statewide CYBHI Fee Schedule Webinar Series

Part One: 3.27.24

Part Three: 4.10.24

Part Two: 4.3.24

Part Four: 4.17.24

Innovative Health Care Solutions

Since 2021 Campus Clinic has evolved with the school-based health needs of our district partners. From COVID-19 testing to mental health services to grant enablement we have a track record of developing dynamic solutions, aligning with our expertise in service delivery, insurance claims, billing, documentation, data analytics, and compliance.

Additional Services & Transitional Care

  • Mental Health & Primary Care Services*
  • Professional Consultative Services
  • Health Education
  • Universal Mental Health Screenings
    • Evidence-based screenings, based on GAD7 & PHQ9
  • Healthy Campus Journey for Staff & Educators
  • Group Visits
    • Peer-to-Peer Resiliency Programs for Students and Staff

*Telehealth, in-person, and hybrid models